We created Eta Omicron Rho Xi to make friends and create a fun atmosphere for everyone. It really sucks going to dinner alone and sometimes its harder to make a genuine friend.

We had two hours. This is all I got 🙂 If you want to help let me know via our contact page.

I can honestly say our favorite restaurants are those with “steak”.

Right now 50% love wine, and 50% don’t drink. We all love water 🙂

As of right this moment we are all NOC volunteers and we are sometimes limited on what talks we can jump into. Depending on the day we may leave for a jet ski trip, visit times square or head to roof top bar at night (even those who don’t drink, its always a blast). It’s very dependent on the day and changes last minute.

We come to the conference to see friends we haven’t seen in years and learn.