The first is always something you will remember.

That’s why we created

You can normally find us in the NOC we are a small group of friends over the years of the conference and welcome anyone. We’ve always kept each other company while going to dinner or exploring the city like true brothers and sisters.

Since the conference is hosted at a college it only made sense to create this group and try something unique. That might be a little crazy but that fits our geeky nature.

The Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference series is a hacker convention sponsored by the security hacker magazine 2600: The Hacker Quarterly. 

The conference series consists of three days and three nights of activities, including talks, workshops, and performances. It also features hackerspace villages, a film festival, lock picking villages, a wide variety of vendors, art installations, live video, vintage computers, robots, an amateur/ham radio station, electronics workshops, and book signings.

WHAT IS HOPE (Eta Omicron Rho Xi)?

We are a non-recognized fraternity that is open to anyone without prejudice.

Trying to spell HOPE in Greek was not to hard but we wanted to make sure we encompass strong code of conduct and created something that was exciting.

In detail we have outlined the full descriptions below. 


Eta (at-ah)        is the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet. Its numerical value is eight. The lowercase Eta symbol is used to represent hapticity in chemistry. It also represents the eta mesons in particle physics. Packing fraction and the efficiency of a Carnot heat engine are represented by the lowercase Eta in thermodynamics. The quantum efficiency of detectors and the electromagnetic impedance of a medium in optics are represented by the lowercase Eta symbol. The lowercase Eta symbol stands for pseudorapidity in experimental particle physics. The symbol is also used in oceanography, it is the measurement of sea level height above or below the mean sea level at that location. In cosmology, the lowercase Eta symbol represents the baryon photon ratio and conformal time. The symbol also represents viscosity in rheology. In quantum field theory, the lowercase Eta symbol represents the metric tensor of flat space-time. It also represents the absolute atmospheric vorticity in atmospheric science. The lowercase Eta symbol also represents the linear predictor of a generalized linear model in statistics. In electronics, it also represents the idealists factor of a bipolar transistor and the efficiency of a power supply. Elasticity in economics is represented using the lowercase Eta symbol. The symbol also stands for efficiency in telecommunications. In astronomy, the lowercase Eta symbol is used to represent the seventh star in a constellation. In some computing systems, the symbol stands for the learning rate. In mathematics, the lowercase Eta symbol is used to represent the Weierstrass eta function, the Dirichlet eta function, the Dedekind eta function, and in lambda calculus. The lowercase Eta symbol is also used to represent the monad or unit of an adjunction in category theory.

Simply Put:  Housing, Many Greek Chapters have physical houses on campus where members can stay. We have a 5 bedroom AIRBNB where members can split costs and get a bedroom or have a space to sleep.


Omicron (om-e-cron)    Omicron is the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. Its numeric value is seventy. The Omicron symbol is used to represent the fifteenth star in a constellation. It was also originally used for the Big O notation but was replaced with Theta.

Simply Put:  Never go alone, always keep each other company.


Rho (roe)       Rho is the seventeenth letter of the Greek alphabet. It has a numeric value of one hundred. When Rho and Chi, the first two letters of Christ, are overlaid they become a symbol for Christ. Rhodes scholars use the Rho symbol to designate their status. In mathematics and science, the Rho symbol is used to represent the rate of change of a portfolio, the Hammett equation, densities, general quantum states, resistivity, a short-lived hadronic particle (rho meson), Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient, expected return of a given policy, length coordinate, sensitivity to interest rates, correlation coefficient, prime constant, spectral radius, plastic number, LaTeX, unary rename operation, reshape, discount rate, population damping ratio, Rho protein, and the Rho family.

Simply Put:  Reputation. Need I say more? 


Xi (zEYE)        Xi is the fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. It has a numeric value of sixty. The lowercase Xi symbol is used in particle physics to represent momentum loss. It also represents random, dimensionless distance, and proportional variables. Robotic mapping uses the Xi lowercase symbol to represent the information vector. It also is used to represent the extent of a reaction. It represents microturbulence velocity, unknown stereochemistry, the diameter of a crystal nucleus, parameter, state price density, systematic function equation, Pippard’s cohesion length, eigenvectors, killing vector, damping ratio, radio integral, universal set, potential difference, initial mass function, and spatial frequency in mathematics and science.

The uppercase Xi symbol is used in cryptocurrency. It is also used in particle physics to represent the cascade particles. In mathematics, there is a Riemann Xi function. In computing systems, the symbol indicates no change of states. In statistical mechanics, the uppercase Xi is used to represent partition function. The uppercase Xi symbol appears in different logos including ZEA, a band, Razer, and musician Banners.

Simply Put:  X-Pledge, if you join and hate it you can leave anytime. 


In 2022 the conference is hosted at St Johns University. So why not?  🙂